Can dispensaries ship Out of State?

The short and simple answer is no. Since the Constitution gives the federal government explicit control over all interstate travel and commerce, no state law can permit transportation of cannabis outside its borders while cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. Furthermore, anyone who uses a postal service to ship medical marijuana – such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL – is at risk of facing federal prosecution. It is of utmost importance to remember – it cannot be stressed enough – that the federal government considers marijuana as an illegal substance. Therefore, shipping medical marijuana out of state cannot be done lawfully, even by marijuana dispensaries.

There is always an exception to every role, even though cannabis remains illegal at a federal lever some methods are however used to transport cannabis from state to state without any risk of having trouble with the law. Having cannabis ship for laboratory research purposes is however legal and cannabis can be moved across state boarders this way without any hassle.

Cannabis has been shown to be moved legally as well through state boarders by some dispensaries like  for medical purposes but unlike other cases it has to be moved on discretely while crossing state boarders

Boston, MA Medical Marijuana Doctor Treating Patients with Cannabis

People looking to use medical marijuana to treat a certain condition just want to improve their overall wellbeing – they don’t want to break the law or face criminal charges. This is why it is so important to know how to comply with all regulations governing its use.

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Illegal Online Delivery Is on the Rise

Despite the fact that cannabis is legal for adults to consume in 11 states and Washington D.C., federal prohibition has kept canna-businesses from shipping weed through services like FedEx and UPS. Many people falsely believe that oversight is only enforced through the official United States Postal Service.

Be aware regardless of which service is used, it remains 100% illegal to ship cannabis in the mail.

Nonetheless, consumers continue to seek out and purchase cannabis online. In fact, a 2018 study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine delved into consumers and their online hunt for pot. Using Google, they looked at searches from 2005-2017 containing keywords like “marijuana” and “weed” combined with “buy,” and “order.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers learned that during the 12 years covered by the study,  web searches to purchase weed online grew by 199%. They also found that of those combined keywords, 41% of the Google search links led to online retailers.

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In the spirit of research, I did some Google searching of my own to see how easily I could order marijuana online (I do not have access to legal cannabis). The good news is, there are many sites and helpful pop-up chat agents named Tommy Chong ready and willing to answer my questions and help me select my cannabis goods. The bad news? I have no idea who runs these sites, where the cannabis is from, or if I will even get what I order. You can place your order for shipping to your home address at the koos shop  for immediate  delivery


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