Live rosin vs Live resin

live rosin

live rosin

If you are one of the many cannabis consumers surprised to learn that live rosin and live resin aren’t the same thing, don’t sweat it. There are enough cannabis concentrate products on the market that casual consumers can be excused for not knowing all the intricacies of this growing niche. While it seems like that one letter difference between live rosin and live resin should just be excused as a typo, they are in fact two distinct products with two different manufacturing methods that are worth knowing about. Both are considered some of the highest-end cannabis concentrates that are available on dispensary shelves and are growing exponentially in popularity.

Rosin is one of the newest techniques for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes into concentrate without involving hydrocarbon extraction. Rosin extraction doesn’t use any solvents or chemicals in the process. Instead, rosin is extracted from plant matter using a combination of heat and pressure. By using this method, producers can instantaneously extract a potent resinous sap from their dried plant matter, hash, or kief. This thick, gooey, full-melt hash oil extrudes from the plant matter without requiring any additional cleaning or removal of chemicals, which makes it the best choice for health-conscious consumers. This cannabinoid and terpene-rich, full-melt hash oil boasts a high THC percentage as well as a robust flavor profile (as long as it was extracted from plant matter). Rosin has earned a large following in the cannabis community because it is chemical-free and full spectrum.

Due to the heat and pressure involved in its production, Live Rosin cannot be extracted from flash-frozen plant matter like Live Resin is. The extra moisture in the plant matter would boil up alongside the cannabinoids and terpenes, ruining the final product.

live resin

live resin

Instead, live rosin producers must take the artisan step of manufacturing full melt bubble hash (also known as ice water hash). To create bubble hash, the freshly frozen plant matter is agitated in a bath of water and ice, which shakes the frozen trichomes off the plant and into the water. These trichomes are then filtered through a series of finer and finer mesh bags to sift out any remaining plant material. Without filtering, this plant material will burn rather than melt during the extraction process, ruining the final product. Once the trichomes are collected, they’re dried into full-melt bubble hash using a freeze dryer.

Once processed, the bubble hash is then pressed into live rosin via a rosin press using low heat and pressure. The final product is even more flavorful and pure than regular rosin, without any loss of terpenes. Because of this purity, live rosin ranges from yellow to off-white as opposed to regular rosin’s amber color.

Live rosin is the latest craze to sweep the cannabis concentrate market. They tend to be the most expensive product per gram at dispensaries. Is it worth the hype? Well, there are absolutely no solvents involved. And producers make them with trichome and terpene-rich plants. Then, producers need to sift and press those plants for smaller, higher quality yields. So you pay for the amount of labor and the quality of the starting materials when compared to more massively produced butane hash oils.

Live rosin allows you to experience the purest flavors from some of the finest cannabis the market has to offer. As a result, true connoisseurs are picking up live rosin wherever they can find it. There’s some misinformation out there about what live rosin is and we’re here to help clear things up.

If you keep up with trends in the cannabis concentrate space, you’ve probably come across the words “live” and “rosin.” However, we only started to see the two used together in recent years. Before that, the term was exclusively used to describe a type of cannabis concentrates called “live resin.” Live resin usually refers to butane hash oil (BHO) comprised of frozen flower or trim. Now, any products made with materials that were frozen immediately after harvest fall under the “live” category. The reason given for this has been to preserve the aromas of the live plant or the terpenes.

Rosin is something completely different. Rosin is a concentrate made with heat and pressure from a hair straightener, T-shirt press or something similar. One might assume that live rosin simply refers to freshly frozen plants that producers rosin press into concentrates. However, you don’t just pull a frozen plant out of the freezer and stick it in the press. There will still be moisture You’d be boiling water right alongside your cannabinoids and terpenes and destroying the quality of your final product.

course, in todays world of legal cannabis, it is easy to be confused by the numerous types of concentrates on the market and their differences. There are many great products and new things to try weekly at Piece of Mind Cannabis, so it can be hard to keep up with all the options. While both types of concentrate, live resin and live rosin, are amazing in their own rights, there are some key differences that might sway your dabbing decision.

One major similarity between live resin and live rosin are the fact that both use fresh cannabis that is flash frozen after harvest. Normally extracts are made using dried/cured Cannabis flower, trim, and so on. The use of the freshly frozen products saves terpene profile and cannabinoids making for a tastier and more wholistic high. However, the cannabis must be thawed before being processed, usually within 36 hours of being thawed.

Live Resin Concentrates

live resin

live resinlive resin

When making a live resin the use of a solvent is vital this separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant itself. The most common types of solvents are hydrocarbon like butane (BHO) or propane (PHO). Once the cannabis is processed the material is then purged of any leftover solvents and is prepped for weighing and packaging.

Live resin can take many forms with some of the favorite among consumers being sugar, sauce, badder, and shatter but it’s not limited to just those. Usually coming with a beautiful golden color, they pop out of any display shelf and entice you into buying it.

Live Rosin Concentrates

Live Rosin is like the next step from making normal rosin, which is simply taking your dried/cured material and using heat and pressure to extract the concentrate you can then smoke. The process for live rosin is solventless unlike live resin and doesn’t use any chemicals like BHO/PHO to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Most rosins are half melt meaning that there is still plant material that burns off your banger as opposed to melting fully. To create a full melt live rosin, you must first create an “ice wax,” by using water and ice to agitate the trichomes off the plant. Collect all the separated material using something flat like a card and allow it cure, breaking up clumps and spreading the material will help expedite the process. You can then press this final material to create a full melt live rosin, note that this process is best used with high quality material otherwise it can fall into the half melt category.

Final Thoughts on Live Resin vs Live Rosin Concentrates

live resin

live resin

Whether you grab a live rosin or a live resin concentrate, you are sure to enjoy the unique flavor profile that is captured by expert extractors when making these products. If you are a dabber and have yet to try live resin or live rosin concentrates we highly recommend that you do! Below we listed several brands that sell either live resin or live rosin concentrates at a Piece of Mind Cannabis near you!

Washington Brands that produce Live Resin and Live Rosin concentrates sold at Piece of Mind Cannabis

Are you ready to grab some top shelf high quality concentrates to dab the night away? Below are a list of brands who make either live resin or live rosin and can normally be found at a Piece of Mind Cannabis near you! Make sure to check the name of the product or ask your budtender to show you their current selection of live resin and live rosin concentrates! To browse online, select your location below under the brand you’re curious to check out.

From Dabstract, “Live Resin is a carefully crafted concentrate made exclusively from freshly frozen cannabis. The plants are carefully harvested, immediately frozen and then extracted into oil in exclusive small batches. This process preserves a complex flavor profile that strongly evokes the character of the whole plant. Live Resins bring your dabbing experience to the next level and are released in the form of Shatter, Opal Sugar, Terp Sugar or Cake Icing. Halo product will always be nug run batches. Heightened terpene profiles achieved through fresh frozen extraction method. Smaller batches, exclusive runs and signature strains available.”

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