7 steps on how to how to roll a cross joint

Whether you’ve seen them in movies like “Pineapple Express,” or rolled by your more experienced friends at smoke seshes of yore, cross joints/blunts are always welcome at a party. Everyone appreciates the extra effort, and you can even smoke two strains out of the same joint.

Throw some heady indica into the main joint with a splice of creative sativa and see what happens as an experiment. Become your own Bill Nye the Science Guy! (For the record, Bill Nye supports weed but does not partake. His former Astronomy professor, the late Carl Sagan, got as high as the stars he studied).

Step 1:

Roll two joints. One joint should be significantly larger than the other. If you plan to use a filter make sure you only use it on the larger joint. You will be lighting both ends of the small joint.

Step 2 – Roll Up Your Cross Joint

Take your small paper and roll up a skinny joint, twisting both ends closed. This is the cross of your cross joint. The smaller your roll it, the easier time you’ll have creating your cross joint.

The larger you roll it, the more evenly your cross joint will burn. Either way, you’ll want it to be pretty densely packed all the way through for stability.

Step 3 – Poke a Hole Through The Main Joint

Take your needle or unrolled paper clip and poke a hole through your main joint about a quarter of the way down from the twisted end. Gently start widening the hole by wiggling your needle but be careful not to tear the paper. This is where you’ll slide your skinny joint through to make your cross, so try to make it a little smaller than the width of your skinny joint. This makes for a better seal.

Step 4 – Poke a Hole Through The Cross Joint

With your needle or paper clip, poke a hole through the middle of your cross joint. This is where the smoke from your skinny joint will flow into your main joint. Just like you did with your main joint, gently wiggle the needle to widen out the hole.

Step 4:

Use the paper clip to make a hole in the smaller joint. This is to allow air to flow when you smoke it.

Step 5 – Form the Cross

Take your cross joint and gently slide it through the hole in your main joint so that the cross joint’s hole is centered in your main joint. This is easier said than done, so take your time. You’ve got to carefully pull, twist, and push your cross joint through the hole in your main joint without tearing the paper of either.

Step 6 –  Wrap the Cross

You’ve successfully slid the cross joint through the main joint. The cross joint’s hole is centered in the main joint, and you didn’t tear the paper. Take a moment to relax and maybe give yourself a high five if there’s no one else around. The hard part’s over.

Take your scissors and cut the glue strips off of two more papers. Moisten the strips, then wrap them criss-cross over the “t” where your joints intersect. You’re trying to form an airtight seal around the holes so that no extra air gets drawn in. This also reinforces the joint. When you’re done, you should have an “X’ of glue strips stabilizing the cross.

Step 7 – Light It Up

You did it! Hold up your cross joint with pride. Use it to ward off any vampires prowling nearby. Once they’re gone, get ready to light it up.

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