Complete Guide to Cannabis Dispensary Tours in Los Angeles

Since California became one of the states to lead the way in legalizing marijuana, the cannabis tour has become one of the fun ways that you can see the sights of this world-renowned city, find the best spots for marijuana, and have a fantastic time. Weed has been legal since 2018 in the city, and there’s always plenty to do in LA, including some very exciting cannabis tours.

What is a Dispensary Tour?

A dispensary tour is a chance to explore some of the hotspots for weed. It’s a bit like a music fan going on a tour of the best places for buying vinyl. You can go to a legal marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles and take advantage of all of the fun of recreational cannabis. In fact, you can go to a whole bunch of them on one of these cannabis dispensary tours.

Why is Los Angeles the Best Location for Dispensary Tours?

LA has led the way in cannabis tours, and because of the fact that it is popular with tourists of all varieties, the weed tours cater for everybody’s needs. Californians know how to have a great time. There are a few different tours you can go on, and they allow you to find all the best, trusted, and legal cannabis spots.

How to Buy Cannabis during Dispensary Tours?

Most of the spots you’ll visit on a dispensary tour won’t need you to be a resident of the city, or the state, to buy recreational weed. They will all ask you for ID cards to prove your age though, so make sure you take something with you for this. On top of this, some cannabis dispensaries only take cash. The legalities of marijuana are a complex issue and this means banks don’t always work with dispensaries. It’s totally legal, just make sure you have some dollar bills with you.

Best Cannabis Tours in LA

Green Line Trips

Green Line Trips is a really luxurious day out! It starts in some of the coolest spots, like Hollywood or Venice Beach. You can learn from experts on marijuana and actually pick up loads of exciting info as well as tips on what you can buy. It’s about sightseeing as well as buying, and it also shows how the cannabis industry works in the city, including where weed is grown. It’s still a party atmosphere, though!

Weed Bus LA

All aboard the weed bus. This takes you through weed dispensaries and more, and even some pot lounges where you can chill and enjoy your weed. There are daily deals on marijuana, and you can visit dispensaries with specific offers linked to the bus. The “munchies crawl” is a great idea, too. You can go in the weed bus on a tour of some great spots to get food to satisfy those cravings.

Dispensary Tour

If you just need to find a reliable legal marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, there are some dispensary tours you can use to go around the ideal spots to pick up some recreational weed.

What are the common questions from tourists?

One of the most common questions is “is this allowed?” and the answer is “yes” as a tourist you can take weed in the city, but be aware that there are some guidelines, and just because it is legal doesn’t mean that your workplace won’t carry out drug tests.

Social Cannabis Consumption Laws

You can’t just consume weed wherever you want. If you have a private location in the city, you can enjoy marijuana there, or you can use specific spots for smoking weed. The cannabis laws state that local jurisdictions might allow you to smoke on premises, so this means it is up to businesses what they allow.


The marijuana industry is truly thriving in California, and the weed buses and tours in LA prove that this is one of the best places to go as a marijuana tourist. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the rules first, and you can enjoy the cannabis dispensary tours like a local. There are also some amazing spots to satisfy your “munchies”.

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