California dispensaries that ship to NY

California dispensaries that ship to New York



California dispensaries that ship products to NY do dispensaries ship products to NY?California’s dispensaries haven’t ever had it so easy shipping to New York.In a world where cannabis and marijuana are slowly being accepted in many states, it is becoming easier to ship cannabis from one state which is legal to another that is currently in the process of legalization.Individuals can now possess up to three ounces of cannabis for recreational reasons or twenty four grams of concentrated forms, like oils.New York has one of the greatest populations relying on medical marijuana and much of its shipment comes from other states like California. New Yorkers are permitted to consume cannabis in public wherever smoking cigarettes is allowed, although localities and a new agency could create regulations to restrict this in public.Smoking cannabis is not permitted in schools, workplaces, or inside a vehicle.In New York City, it’ll be prohibited in parks, beaches, boardwalks, pedestrian plazas and play areas, where cigarette smoking is also prohibited.Other changes will go into effect soon when officials create the regulatory structure that will govern every aspect in a brand-new, heavily regulated marketplace.


Can we smoke on the streets? Can I smoke in public?

Generally yes, but you cannot smoke weed in places where smoking tobacco is prohibited such as schools, public transportation, or, our favorite, “bingo facilities.”


So if I go out to a bar and security or police find cannabis in my purse, am I good?

As long as you’re walking around with less than 3 ounces or 24 grams or less of concentrated forms such as oil, then you should be good in the eyes of the law. But since a bar is a private business, technically the owner could ban you from the premises for any reason. If that happens, we suggest finding a new bar.


When will I be able to go to a dispensary in NYC?

Anyone who tells you they know for sure is lying. No licenses have been given out yet, nor have any regulations on how to create a legal market been written, so this means there will certainly be a significant lag between legalization and actual sales. Some smart friends believe that the first legal sale could occur at some point in 2022, but knowing how long the process took other states, we think it could be a couple of years before you’re lining up to buy at a neighborhood dispensary.Can you have edibles shipped to New York?


Will establishments be able to sell cannabis before official “dispensaries” open?

The new law in New York sets up a legal and regulatory program where the state will determine where cannabis retailers can set up shop and who gets to grow, process, distribute and sell cannabis products in the state. That process will take time and some commentators are estimating that we will not see legal sales until at least summer or fall of 2022.

Where will the tax money go? Has that been decided?

It depends. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you’re allowed to start growing six months from the bill signing (so, a little less than six months from now). For recreational growing, you must wait until 18 months after the first legal state sale, which as we mentioned, could be years.

What’s going to happen to my dealer?

The responsible answer is that your dealer will be faced with a decision to either somehow go legit or hang up their satchel and find a new career. In reality, and for a variety of reasons, the legacy market continues to thrive in most other legal states, so your dealer will probably continue dealing, they just might be more punctual.


Can cannabis purchased legally in a neighboring or other state be transported across state lines?

In a word: no. Cannabis is still generally illegal on the federal level so you cannot transport it across state lines, even if you are bringing it from one legal state to another.


Can you buy THC products or gummies from another state or California and have them shipped to New York?

Sending anything with more than 0.3% of THC across state lines is considered shipping a federally illegal substance and is not allowed. For that reason, no dispensary or licensed cannabis business can send edibles with more than 0.3% THC outside of a state where it’s legalized. So keep those gummies stateside (and enjoy!).

If you’re asking specifically about our Gossamer x Rose Los Angeles THC Delights, the answer above still stands, unfortunately. However, you could eat one of our CBD ones and then smoke some legal flower for a close approximation.Can you have edibles shipped to New York?


Can you have edibles shipped to New York?

In New York, under the new law, households with one adult can cultivate up to six plants, (three mature and three immature), and households with more than one adult can cultivate 12 plants (six mature and six immature) for non-medical use. However, New York is still ironing out the details.

Will cannabis lounges and clubs have a pathway to open?

Yes! There will be licenses for “consumption sites” where people will be allowed to purchase cannabis to consume on site. As of now, there can be no alcohol served where cannabis is consumed.Can you have edibles shipped to New York?

How are production licenses distributed?

This is still in the works, but the state’s adult-use cannabis program will be run by two new government entities: the Cannabis Control Board, which will craft new regulations, and the Office of Cannabis Management, which will implement the regulations. These entities will be in charge of creating and allocating licenses for all parts of the supply chain, from cannabis cultivation to the processing of the plant into edibles, concentrates, and smokable products.

How can entrepreneurs start preparing financially for a retail license in NYC?California dispensaries that ship to NY

At this point, we do not know what the application will look like or how much it will cost. The best way to prepare is to ensure that you have an understanding for potential real estate locations, how much that real estate might cost, what budget is needed to run a retail location for a year (you can look into data from other states), and, if you’ll need to fundraise, start those conversations early. Can you have edibles shipped to New York?

How fast will medical patients see changes in offerings and prices?

Although the MRTA (Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act) includes provisions to expand and strengthen the New York Medical Marijuana Program (such as additional dispensaries, additional patient access, more products like flower, and up to 60-day supplies).


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