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We think of Mission as a different kind of dispensary, not just filling orders, but fulfilling your needs as an individual. If you’re new to the world of marijuana, or the rules for recreational use, we know it can be intimidating: with different regulations in different states. So many options for the types of cannabis and the ways you can consume it. Maybe even a little nervousness at trying it. We get it: that’s a lot of unknowns. So we’re here to help you through the process, from how to register, to what to expect when you step through our doors. We’ll explain your choices, so you can create an experience that best fits you and your life. And we’ll give you a comfortable, no-judgements space to come and connect with others like you.

List of 13 medical and  Recreational Dispensaries for marijuana

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Recreational Dispensaries in California

Koos has been voted “Best of Flagstaff” in 2017, 2019, and 2020. The greenhouse is dedicated to providing safe and affordable access to cannabis for those who need it. Additionally, they supply only the cleanest, highest-quality cannabis available. “Greenhouse is a local grower/owner-operated marijuana company located in the heart of Flagstaff delivering small-batch, craft cannabis.”


California first legalized the use of medical marijuana in 1996. Now, the state has emerged as the largest cannabis market in the nation. With the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (enacted in June of 2017), the state combined features of its previous medical regulation framework with a framework for legal adult use. Since then, the legal pot industry has flourished into a model for other states to follow, with plans to introduce a framework for legal consumption sites and venues around the state. In California, it’s legal for adults 21 and over to purchase and possess approximately one ounce of cannabis or eight grams of concentrate. Additionally, adults may possess up to six cannabis plants within their private residence. Here are the best recreational dispensaries in California:

rerecreational Dispensaries

rerecreational Dispensaries

Cannabaska Downtown

Recreational Dispensaries in Alaska

Alaska was the first state to legalize cannabis use of any kind back in 1975 in the court ruling Ravin v. State; however, marijuana was later recriminalized in 1990. Finally, in 2015, recreational marijuana use became legal for once and for all. Alaska made history as the first state to license on-site marijuana consumption at dispensaries, and today, Alaskan citizens and visitors age 21 years and older may possess up to one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana at one time. Here are the best recreational dispensaries in Alaska:

MÜV Dispensary

MÜV Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona, believes wholly in the healing power of cannabis and its compounds. They believe that cannabis has the potential to improve the quality of life of those who use it and it is their mission “to not only produce but source and provide the best medical and recreational marijuana products for Arizonans.”

Recreational Dispensaries in Arizona

Medical marijuana use was first legalized in Arizona in 1996 in a ruling that allowed terminally and seriously ill patients the ability to purchase marijuana with a doctor’s prescription. In 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Question passed, which revised the previous law to include modern standards. In 2020, Arizona voted in favor of the Smart and Safe Act, which legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults 21 years and older. Adults in Arizona can now possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants. Here are the best recreational dispensaries in Arizona:

Bloom Room

Recreational Dispensaries in Colorado

In 2012, Colorado made a splash with its vote to legalize recreational marijuana use under Colorado Amendment 64. That splash turned into a wave of legalizations (both medical and recreational) across the country, which helped reduce the stigma around marijuana use and sparked a widespread push for decriminalization. Today, the state enjoys a healthy cannabis culture with multiple dispensaries in nearly every town and city. In Colorado, persons 21 and older may possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants, three of which can be in the flowering stage in an enclosed, locked space. Here are the best recreational dispensaries in Colorado:

Firehaus LA

Recreational Dispensaries in Illinois

In the Land of Lincoln, users can finally enjoy both medical and recreational bud. Illinois Cannabis Control Act of 1978 technically legalized the use of medical marijuana, but the law never went into effect because the Department of Human Services and the Illinois State Police never crafted regulations. In 2013, Illinois passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, which legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. In 2016, Illinois decriminalized possession, meaning those caught with 10 grams or less would face a $100 to $200 fine in place of jail time. Finally, through the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act in 2019, Illinois became the first state to legalize marijuana through legislation rather than a referendum. Medical patients and caregivers in Illinois can possess up to 2.5 ounces at one time, while recreational users may purchase approximately one ounce of cannabis at a time. Here are the best recreational dispensaries in Illinois:


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