Best Ways to Take in Magic Mushrooms for Safer Tripping


Magic mushrooms also known as shrooms can serve different purposes just like marijuana.
There are numerous ways of making use of these fungi, and it all depends on the user’s
preferred method. Magic mushrooms are growing in popularity day by day, and many now
prefer them to the far more popular marijuana.
Magic mushrooms are psychedelic drugs; they give a hallucinogenic effect when taken.
They can be used for different purposes, either as a recreational drug, a mood booster, or a
means to treat mental health issues. Like all drugs that tend to alter the state of a human
being, they need to be taken safely. So it is definitely wrong to be on shrooms while playing
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The Duration of a Magic Mushroom High

How intense and how long your high lasts depends on several factors, such as the potency,
dosage, method of intake, or how recently you’ve eaten. For many, in order to feel the high
quickly from taking shrooms, they tend to do it on an empty stomach. In addition, it also
helps reduce the risk of nausea.
Trips from ingesting mushrooms can last as long as 6 hours, and you are likely to feel the
effects after 30 minutes or 1 hour after consumption. However, it is important to know that
traces of the drug can remain in your system for up to 48 hours.

Best Ways to Take In Magic Mushrooms

Using hallucinogens can be very helpful, especially for people with emotional disorders.
Shroom misuse is a problem, just like with marijuana, thus it’s critical to promote safer trips.
Although many dislike the taste, magic mushrooms are incredibly potent when consumed
raw. Therefore, it is up to you to find the option that is best for you. Hence, we have provided
some of the best ways to consume magic mushrooms.

This is a very popular method of consuming magic mushrooms, but it is kicked against by
many researchers. It should be your last option when it comes to making use of shrooms.

For this method, consumers can also mix it with marijuana for a far great experience.
However, it is common knowledge that anything that involves the inhalation of smoke fumes
is bad for your lungs.

Introducing Shrooms to Your Meals

When it comes to introducing mushrooms into your meal, you have the ability to go crazy
and try out different techniques. You can blend, dice, chop, and put in your meal of choice.
So, just the way edible mushrooms that do not contain psilocybin are used for cooking, you
could also try preparing magic mushrooms that way.
You can add magic mushrooms to your pasta, pizza, noodles, and various food delicacies.
Another popular method is grinding it to powder and sprinkling it on your meal.
Making them Into Tea
This is probably the best and most healthy method of consuming magic mushrooms. You
have the option of mixing it with different tea spices, which could be good for your digestive
system and taste buds. This method allows for some creativity, but whichever you use has
an effect on its potency.
Therefore, you can prepare your shroom tea in different ways. You can grind your shrooms
to powdered form and add them to boiling water. There is also the option of boiling your
shrooms in water, along with different herbs and spices.

Magic Mushrooms Confectionaries(Shroom Edibles)

Magic mushrooms can be used to make different baked confectioneries. Shroom edibles are
perfect for consumers with sweet tooths or those who do not like the taste of shrooms. Also,
it is the perfect way to use shrooms for recreational purposes, especially for parties. It pairs
beautifully with a variety of baked products, including brownies, cookies, and even pastries.