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The best recreational dispensaries in colorado

Recreational dispensaries in colorado Five years into legal weed sales, Colorado counts more than 500 retail dispensaries selling marijuana grown by 700+ cultivators. The state has successfully implemented some of the most stringent safety and quality controls in the country



— but that doesn’t mean every joint, concentrate and edible is created equal. The dispensary scene in Colorado has evolved in much the same way as food retailers have, with each brand — whether it be a one-off shop or a vertically integrated chain — catering to the tastes and values of every type of stoner.dispensaries in trinidad colorado

dispensaries in trinidad colorado So, whether you smoke flowers, vape, or prefer edibles, it’s helpful to think about your pot purchase the same way you think about buying food. Do you grind your own fair-trade coffee beans or fill your cup at the chain on every corner? Do you shop organic at the local farmers’ market or buy in bulk from a big box store? Consider your cannabis consumption habits and check out this guide to the top dispensaries in the state from mom-and-pop small-batch grows and cannabis concentrate pioneers to the largest chain in the state.recreational dispensaries in colorado

dispensaries in trinidad colorado  steps from hot bars, restaurants, and boutiques, dispensaries in pueblo colorado has it all: premium small-batch cannabis, an array of top-shelf concentrates and edibles, and carefully trained budtenders on call to guide connoisseurs and newbies alike. What separates this operation from the rest is its owner Wanda James.dispensaries in trinidad colorado  The former Navy lieutenant is the first African American to own a cannabis business in Colorado, and prior to opening her operation she was a critical player on Colorado’s Amendment 64 Task Force implementing legal, adult-use cannabis sales. Today, she doesn’t just keep Simply Pure at the top of the game, she also runs the consulting firm Cannabis Global Initiative and remains a tireless warrior for equity in the industry, work that earned her a spot on High Times’ “100 Most Influential People in Cannabis”recreational dispensaries in colorado

Back in 2009, Colorado Harvest Company CEO Tim Cullen left his job teaching high school biology to cultivate cannabis to treat Crohn’s disease. Today, his garden has grown into three dispensaries, the flagship of which sits in the heart of Denver’s “Green Mile” a stretch of South Broadway lined with pot shops, bars, music venues, and antique shops. dispensaries in pueblo colorado The company strives to reproduce natural conditions in its indoor hydroponic operation growing 70-plus medical and recreational strains such as Colorado Cough (a relaxing cross of Haze and Northern Lights). This dispensary’s commitment to its community last year included a donation of more than $100,000 to be a founding sponsor of the nonprofit Levitt Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater set in Denver’s Ruby Hill Park, hosting more than 50 free community concerts every year recreational dispensaries in colorado

This particular dispensaries in pueblo colorado chain (there are three other Denver-area outlets) separates itself from the cannabis chaff with its breakout extraction brand The Lab. It starts with their live resin, extracted through a process first developed indispensaries in pueblo colorado  way back in 2011 wherein the plant is flash frozen at harvest to preserve cannabinoid and terpene profiles. dispensaries in trinidad colorado Sample the lauded live resin batter or keep it simple with their strain-specific PAX Era live resin pods. The Clinic also aces corporate-social responsibility with its support for the National MS Society; the company’s annual Clinic Charity Golf Tournament; and support for the Walk MS that has raised nearly $400,000 for to help fight the disease.recreational dispensaries in colorado