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Herbal Renewals: CBD for Cats (200mg CBD)

Made with only two ingredients, the Herbal Renewals CBD for Cats is the perfect natural solution for stressed out kitties. It contains 200 milligrams of CBD derived from organic and ethically sourced hemp oil, meaning this easy-to-use tincture delivers active and essential nutrients and phytocannabinoids into your cat?s daily diet with minimal fuss. And it has been formulated using a base oil chosen specifically for cats, making it tasty and easy to digest. With only a few drops you can bring calm to difficult situations with ease.

Herbal Renewals: CBD for Pets Blend (200mg CBD)

CBD for Pets is a safe and tested cannabinoid that has shown a lot of promise as a supplement. It is often used to calm pets that don?t like travel or who may be nervous for a variety of reasons. This updated product contains 200mg of CBD (the previous version only had 100mgs), so you can be sure that by the end of the bottle your pets will be well on their way to feeling normal again. In general, CBD can:
  1. Improve general wellness
  2. Soothe the senses
  3. Diminish nervousness
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Improve appetite
If your pet is suffering from any such symptoms, CBD can help. There are no known side effects from taking CBD, and results are seen within the first three days. Just remember: This is a food supplement with CBD for cats and dogs, not a medication for serious illnesses. Consult with your veterinarian before giving it to your pet.

Purfurred: Hemp Oil for Cats Tincture (200mg CBD)

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Active and essential phytocannabinoids and nutrients
  • Easy to administer and easy to digest
  • Calming pet supplement
  • Non-GMO and non-psychoactive

Therabis: Energy Supplement For Dogs

As dogs age, their knees and joints deteriorate just like humans? do. This is one of the reasons why older dogs stop moving as much and lose the will to play. In most cases, you can find ways to offer your dog some calm and improve his wellness levels. One of them is Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs. Developed by experienced veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs has a special formula that combines hemp powder, vitamin C, chromium, green-lipped mussel, and CBD. With all these natural food supplements, your dog will have improved wellness levels and show increased energy for longer. Starting early with the formula may also help your pet feel great for as long as possible into their old age.