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Buy Crystal Coma Marijuana Strain

Crystal Coma for sale Buy Crystal Coma Marijuana Strain .A sativa-dominant hybrid. Crystal Coma is as striking as its name


Buying POLKA DOT MUSHROOM SHOT The Polka Dot Mushroom Shot is a popular drink that is usually served in a

Buy wedding cake strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Cake mints strain

Introduction to Cake Mints Strain When it comes to exploring the world of cannabis strains, one that’s been gaining attention

Cherry punch strain

cherry punch strain near me Cherry Punch strain is a sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid created by crossing Cherry AK-47 with Purple

Crescendo strain

Description of the crescendo strain CrescendO  strian is a stunning sativa-leaning hybrid created by crossing the genetics of Chem D,

Dark helmet strain


Buy Dark helmet strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Derb and terpys live resin

For wholesale orders, please indicate the flavors you want either at the live chat box or on the short note

Diablo og


Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa

Disposable Cart Vape

Koos Dispensary’s Premier Disposable Cart Vape Collection Welcome to Koos Dispensary, where excellence meets innovation in the world of vaping.

Dog walker strain

Dog walker strain The indica-dominant hybrid Dogwalker OG is a cannabis strain that produces buds that are dense and plump, being deep green with amber hues and having a thin layer of resin. Its scent and taste are extremely pungent, being of “wet dog”, diesel, skunk, and having earthy undertones. THC levels average between 24-26%, so novice consumers take heed. Its effects are known to calm racing thoughts and allow focus to set it. Both the mind and body will fall into a state of relaxation, allowing the consumer to slowly and effortlessly drift off to sleep which makes this strain best used at night time or in the evenings. Hunger may also arise so have snacks handy. Reviewers note this strains ability to help with muscle spasms and depression.