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Dragon breath strain


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Duct tape strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23% - 25%

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Ecto cooler weed strain

Buy Ecto cooler weed strain online Ecto Cooler is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from the tasty California Orange and

Enigma mushroom

Buy Enigma mushroom Enigma mushroom, also known as the Clitocybe nebularis, is a unique and fascinating species that has captured

Ether strain

About Ether Ether strain is a rare indica dominating hybrid strain (70 percent indica/30 percent sativa) that is a high

Galactic glue strain

Introduction Galactic Glue Strain refers to a fascinating cosmic phenomenon that has captured the attention of astronomers and space enthusiasts

Glueball strain

Buy online Glue ball strain GlueBall strain , commonly known as “Glueball” or “Glue Ball,” is a 60 percent indica/40

Golden Teacher Capsules mushroom

High-quality mushroom capsules   Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms) are the most well-known and eaten of the Psilocybe Cubensis types.  

Golden Teacher Microdose

Microdosing – or psychedelic microdosing – is a practice of using “subperceptual” doses of a given psychedelic drug (below the threshold dose) to promote creativity, problem-solving or relieve symptoms of various mental disorders such as depression. Most often, the dose is 10-20x lower than the recommended recreational dose. A threshold dose is the minimum dose of a drug that will produce an appreciable degree of a

Golden teacher Mushroom spore

    1. Introduction to Golden Teacher Mushroom Spore Golden Teacher Mushroom Spore, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis, is a

Grand daddy purp seeds

Grand daddy purp seeds Feminized Seeds Grow Granddaddy Purple seeds into a bud that gives an easy high and long-lasting relaxation!

Grape ape weed

Grape ape weed Grape ape weed  is a tasty, memorable strain with strong indica roots. Its distinctive look and complex