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Aurora Indica Marijuana Strain

Aurora Indica is an old school heavy indica hybrid of Afghan and Northern Lights. Almost pure indica, with 90% indica and just 10% sativa genetics. This strain induces a powerful body stoned effect. Even experienced tokers can be glued to the couch with these frosty chunky buds. Her rich earthy hash-like flavour can be a little harsh and is something of an acquired taste. Plants, as you would expect, are short in stature and very branch. Aurora Indica is suitable indoors for both the SOG or ScrOG methods. Expect up to 500g/m2. Average height of less than 1m and a flowering period of about 8 weeks make this strain ideal for beginner growers and indica connoisseurs. Outdoor yields can be impressive in a hot dry climate. Uncomplicated to cultivate and great sticky nuggs for post-harvest cannabis concentrates.