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Buy CBD Lotion Hempotion

Buy CBD Lotion Hempotion ,cannabidiol drops are very rich in supremely healthy phytonutrients, like cannabinoids, flavinoids, and terpenes. The CBD concentrated oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant and can easily be dispensed per drop. Instructions for use and dosage of Hempotion? Use as your daily oil to moisturise your dry skin after a bathe . Dosage under the on the skin results in the fastest effect since the oil is taken up through the oral mucosa, and does not first have to go through the stomach. Hempotion also has? skin effect as the one found on this image that can be used to treat dry and irritating bodies Consult a physician Never change or stop current treatment without consultation a medical doctor. Consult a physician if nursing or pregnant. Ingredients Organically grown CBD rich hemp oil with high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) Grape Seed Oil Glycerin Less than 2% food grade alcohol by volume Buy CBD Lotion Hempotion