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Underdog OG Marijuana Strain

Underdog OG, also known as ?Underdawg OG,? is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Sour Diesel X OG Kush strains. A sister to the classic Chemdawg family, this bud brings a mellow calming high and painkilling effects that last for hours on end. The Underdog OG high starts with a slight euphoric lift that is pretty mellow and won't cause you any sort of anxiety.

Buy casper OG strain

Casper OG is a unique indica dominant hybrid strain .
(70 percent indica/30 percent sativa) .developed by mating the potent Face Off OG and Ghost OG strains.

Casper OG is becoming your favorite, friendliest OG ghost to have around, thanks to its high THC content and restful bedtime effects!

The high develops , sweeping over you in soothing warm waves that raise your mood.

This boost won’t make you feel more energized, but it will give you a little fuzzy and drowsy sensation of mental tranquility.

A creeping body high will take hold as your mind sinks more and deeper into intellectual bliss. lulling you into a relaxed condition suited to falling asleep out of nowhere.

How casper OG strain works

Casper OG og st is an excellent alternative for treating people suffering from PTSD. chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain due to its high 17-18 percent average THC content and drowsy effects.

On each smooth exhale, this bud has a sweet skunky citrus flavor with overtones of deep diesel.

As the nugs are burned, the flavor is of fresh dank pine and biting citrus enhanced by skunky chemicals.

Round lumpy minty green nugs with thick golden hairs and a covering of tiny crystal trichomes characterize Caper OG buds.