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Critical Widow Cannabis Strain

Critical Widow Cannabis Strain Is a sea of coal, it?s a magic moment to find a rare gem. Born of two celebrity strains, Critical Mass and the infamous White Widow, Critical Widow is a one of a kind, hard to find rarity that is well worth the search. Decidedly a strain you must try at least once in your life, Critical Widow is an ultra strong, slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that will damn near whisk you to another dimension. Considering the THC levels soar at over 25% in most cases, it almost goes without saying that Critical Widow is recommended for the highly experienced smoker. These golden nuggets have a sledgehammer effect that smashes into you without any mind to your feelings. The citrus and spiced fruit flavors complement the golden hairs and bright yellow trichomes that cover each bud. The aromas are similar with bright citrus and spice accompanied by an earthy pungency. Critical Widow marijuana strain is a 60/40 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid bred by Mr. Nice Seeds. Critical Widow marijuana has strong physical influence brought by Indica genetics of Critical Mass. The buds have pleasant fruity fragrance and good tricome coverage. This marijuana is very potent, with THC levels of up to 27%, she is not the best choice for beginners. Experienced users should be mindful of the dose. Critical Widow cannabis is good as day and evening time medicine.